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July 4th and 5th - HOT Weather in Phuket

I just took a walk down to Karon Beach, just about 4 minutes from the office. I tell you what, it's a bloomin' hot day today. After my little walk taking some photos I had to crank up the aircon. There were some dark clouds around earlier, but there's been no rain. The beach was all but deserted. I saw one family and a few couples. Want a beach almost to yourself, (mostly) nice weather and bargain rates on top resorts? Well, you can do worse than a low season trip to Phuket!

No swimming sign, Karon Beach

Crowds at Karon Beach, 5th July

Karon Beach. Too crowded, rain, big waves... NOT!
(above) Karon Beach, 5th July 2008

Yesterday was also a hot one. I skipped school (normally go to school with my wife to drop off our kids) as I wanted to get some temple photos. I had not stopped at Wat Thepnimit before, and I reckon it's time for another temple on my Phuket Blog!

Wat Thepnimit, 4th July

July 4th and 5th - HOT Weather in Phuket  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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