Phuket Weather

Live Weather Station in Phuket

Live Weather Station in Phuket

A very useful tool for up to the minute weather reports - Willy from KiteSurf Thailand has got a live weather station set up at the KiteSurf shop which you can find at Chalong Bay, near the Friendship Beach Resort. The page shows wind, sun, rain, humidity, cloudbase. Great!

Screenshot of the live weather page

You can find it here: Live Weather Station, Chalong Bay Phuket

There is a kind of absense of weather news to report. The last few days have been alternately "quite sunny", "quite cloudy", "nice and warm" and "overcast with light drizzle and patches of sun". Good enough if you're in Phuket on holiday. Enough sun to go home with a tan, almost no rain, light winds, calm seas. Not picture postcard blue sky weather, but it'll do!

Sunday was the best, though the lazy Monk family did not make the most of it. Shopping, resting.. Kids get tired after a week at school. The hours are quite long. My 6 year old has to be there 7:45am - 4pm. And the rest of the family had been to the pool on Saturday while I was at work. So we took it easy and invited a few friends for drinks and food in the evening. Very nice to sit in the garden with a cold beer as the sun sank over the hills.

Last few days - uninteresting weather - you can Follow me on Twitter where I post mini updates as often as I remember.

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