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I normally don't try to predict the weather, even if I get a feeling in my bones now and then. The Phuket Weather blog is more about reporting the weather, photos and a bit of chit chat. You can find a bunch of weather forecast links on the left side, along with satellite images, radar, webcams, wind forecasts and more.

Just to get them all in one place (bookmark this post!) I have scoured the Google results for Phuket weather forecasts. They often tend to be wrong, or let's say misleading, especially in low season when forecast sites always seem to say "chance of a thunderstorm" or "scattered thunderstorms". The weather in Phuket is very rarely bad enough to stop you enjoying life. Rain is warm and we do not get destructive storms, typhoons etc. At this time of year you'll get some rain somedays, but a lot of good weather too.

I won't say any one forecast is better that the others, but I do like Windguru and Accuweather. If you want to know what the weather is like NOW, check the Karon Beach Live Webcam.

Phuket Weather Forecasts on the Web

Thai Meteorological Department
BBC Weather
CNN Weather
Weather Underground
Yahoo Weather

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