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Sun, Sun, Wet and Wild

The weather Gods continued to smile on Tuesday and Wednesday. Two beautiful sunny days when I would have loved to be out diving, but of course I am an office boy. It may be low season for diving here, but he who snoozes loses and we are hard at work. If you blink, high season is here. You gotta be ready!

I did mean to take a photo of the sunshine yesterday. Instead, I bring you some lovely photos from this morning taken along the road to the kids school. Wettest morning of the year, perhaps? Was quite a wild ride for an hour or so.

It has cleared up this afternoon. Not wet now, but the forecasts are damp for the next few days. It's been a pretty dry "wet season" so far, so I guess we're due some rain. If you're heading to Phuket in the next few days, don't worry too much, you'll get some clear skies and it won't rain all day.

Meanwhile... I must say the Tour de France was great yesterday. Fantastic scenery and guys racing to their limits up Alpe D'Huez. And we get it live on the cable TV :)

Oh, hey. I did a blog search and found a blog with nice sunny photos taken on Tuesday at Phi Phi - check out the sun - Tess in Thailand.

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