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Sunny Summer Days

Actually, oficially this is not the "summer" here in Phuket, although we are just about in the Northern hemisphere. It's warm all year round, if the temperature in the daytime is below about 24°C the locals would call it brass monkey weather. So for us, the period around March and April is called the summer, as it's normally the hottest time of year and also schools have their 2 month summer holiday at that time (apart from International schools which don't run to the Thai curriculum).

Anyways.. it would be summer back in Engerland, and you can tell because Wimbledon has just finished, the cricket is on and the Tour de France too. We have Le Tour live on the cable TV here so I can watch the end of most stages in the evening. Some years ago I was a very keen cyclist...

Riding the Pyrenees, 1990

The last 2 days have been sunny, warm, great for tanning, diving, or even "chilling" by the pool. Odd expression that, "chilling". Most people want a nice sunny beach in order to "chill".

This morning was particularly fine, so I took some time to look around Wat Sawang Arom in Rawai and the attached temple school. Despite many visits to Rawai beach, I had somehow never been down the side road to the temple. It's worth a visit.

Wat Sawang Arom, Rawai  Window at Wat Sawang Arom

Praying for sun tomorrow. I have a day off and we recently paid membership at a spa, so we can go and have a sauna, swim in the pool, let the kids play and just chill - but only if it's hot and sunny!

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