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Dry weather, light winds, some sun

Actually the last 3 days can just be summed up with the title. Spectacularly unexciting weather. Mostly a bit grey, some sunshine, no rain, hardly any wind. Pretty decent if you're out diving, pretty good if you've come for a cheap low season break and were praying for a dry week. This morning did start very nicely with blue skies, though its all got a bit grey and hazy since.

Poor me has been a bit "under the weather" this week, feeling a bit grey and partly cloudy myself with a cough, headaches and backpains and taking Tiffy tablets. My daughter just got better and went to school on Wednesday. My son had a fever last night. Its always a worry with the kids.. dengue fever is a possibility, I know a couple of people who've had it, indeed I had it once about 6 years ago (a mild case but still knocked me out for the best part of a week). The Bangkok post reported that cases are up 72% on last year.

Day off work tomorrow.. much needed. This week has been early nights, no beers and lots of hard work. We uploaded the new website on Thursday and I hope its all debugged now! - See here: Sunrise Divers Phuket Thailand. Come and dive!

Dry weather, light winds, some sun  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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