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A mixed bag of weather

We're heading into what is statistically the wettest time of year. Nearly September which is the wettest month. There are signs (I have been talking to some old hands) that the season may change early this year. Normally you'll expect northeast winds to start sometime in October. Could we get a very early high season? Hope so... the Phuket Vegetarian Festival starts on September 28th and would be a shame if that was a washout.

Anyway, last few days have been partly cloudy, partly sunny, partly rainy. No "bad" weather, but no perfect days like we had earlier in the month. Sea is quite calm, not much wind. The forecast on Windguru looks very good for the week ahead. I am hoping for a beautiful Saturday. I think the beach beckons. We like to meet friends at Paradise Beach. Kids can play, dads can have a few beers:)

This morning was typical of the week so far. There was rain over the hills. I saw wet roads on the way to Karon Beach. I avoided the rain. There was a big rainbow in the morning. This is the view from our house...

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