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More and more sun. This is better than high season!

A dive instructor said to me on Wednesday after a trip to Racha Yai island (about 20km south of Phuket) "You should have come - it was perfect, flat seas, blue skies...". Yeh, maybe. I was considering a day's diving but somehow manage to stay busy with the office, emails, fiddling and correcting little things on the new website. But for sure it was just perfect weather this week. Great for doing a PADI Open Water Diver course :)

After our quite active weekend, it's been all work this week. Bit of a blur really. But a blue blur, with nice clear skies. Today was HOT. And wouldn't you know it, we had a power cut in our area. No electricity from 10am to 2pm, trying to sit in the slight breeze coming through the door. We did have some cooling rain at last in the late afternoon, and Windguru (one of the forecasts I almost trust) reckons tomorrow might be a bit soggy too, but still looks good for the weekend. Hope so. A friend who I have not seen since, oh, about 1998 maybe, is in Phuket for the weekend. We'll be out Friday night and then a bit of a Tour de Phuket on Saturday. Where to go...? Any ideas...? I know, I'll check Jamie's Phuket for inspiration :)

More and more sun. This is better than high season!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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