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Sunny Weather. Is it high season?

The last 2 days in Phuket have been so warm, so sunny, so blue-skied-y... you might think it was the peak of high season.. except in Karon beach there are but a few tourists around, there's 3km of beach for seemingly a handful of people. Weather is perfect, spell it P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Right. Why, oh why, oh WHYYYYYY does Patong stay busy in low season? Why are there loads of tourists staying in yukky Patong (OK, OK, it's not all yukky)? If you're not here yet, but planning to come soon... try looking at Kata or Karon beaches.

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Blue skies - great if you are on holiday, out diving, sunning yourself by the pool. Poor me has to work. I stare at the blue skies from behind my desk. The blue sky stares back. Unblinking.

This evening, I though a photo was needed to show just how darn lovely the weather is in Phuket right now. I stopped at Chalong Bay for a few minutes on the way home.

Chalong Bay, Phuket. 14th August 2008.

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