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Wet Sunday, Sunny Monday.. Who'd predict the weather?

Saturday's grey and hazy afternoon became a wet and windy night, which became a wet and windy Sunday morning. This did not please me, as Sunday was my day off. Ah well, with myself and the kids all having been feeling a bit unwell during the week, an easy day at home was probably called for. We had some cheap lunch at the new food court in Tesco Lotus - much nicer than before.

We also bought some bits and bobs for the house. I must fix up a piece of wood under the back door where there's a gap big enough for things to slither in.. and during the last few months we've killed 3 snakes and 2 scorpions in our garden, so a bit of paranoia is justified. The joys of tropical living :)

Rain eased on Sunday afternoon and we went to a kids party in Patong at a house overlooking the concrete jungle.. I mean, a house with seaview... Here's a panorama with the grey skies...

View over Patong, 3rd August - Click to enlarge

Of course the last 2 days have been nicer now I am back at the desk. It did rain again Sunday night, but the sun was out again yesterday. This morning as I rode to Phuket town to get my 1 year work permit renewal, dark clouds menaced to the south, but did not come too close to me. Tomorrow I would like to take a day off, but will depend on the weather. If it looks nice, my wife and I plan to visit the Royal Spa for a few hours of much deserved pampering!

Wet Sunday, Sunny Monday.. Who'd predict the weather?  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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