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Hey! Looks like Day 1 of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival might be a bit wet. I am watching the rain fall outside the dive shop... Here's the little Chinese shrine I can see from our door...

The festival should start this afternoon with ceremonies at the main Chinese shrines around Phuket, mostly in or around Phuket Town. I am going to start on the "Jae" diet today, and will dash out to a food stall as soon as the rain stops! Not sure if I have a chance to see any festivities tonight in town but I will be taking a holiday over the last few days of the festival in order to see as much as possible. So, hope the weather can be kind!

Much of last week was sunny and warm, a bit of wind, making the sea slightly choppy. We had divers out all week, weather was good for diving in Phuket last week, good for suntans, hardly any rain. Looks like things are changing today. The weather radar looks very wet, lots of rain to the west. Windguru is predicting a very soggy Monday, but looking better for the rest of the week. The current satellite image shows plenty of cloud to the west, so yes might be a wet couple of days. Might have to call my taxi (wife) this afternoon!

As I write, rain is easing.. right, better go in search of some tasty food!

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