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A picture is worth a thousand words (at least)

Another few days slip by here in Phuket. And indeed, those days have slipped by everywhere. Hope some of you have managed to fill the unforgiving minutes with many sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Again, these days have been a mix of sun, showers and cotton wool clouds. Not much rain. I recall Friday being pretty nice, Saturday was humid and there was some rain around lunchtime. We wondered if the birthday party for one of my daughters school friends would be cancelled, but things dried up nicely. The birthday kid's parents are also in the dive business with a shop near their home in Kamala Beach. Another party guest had been diving with manta rays the day before at Koh Racha Noi, south of Phuket. It kind of reminded me - I really should go for a dive!

Things have got hot the last 2 days here in Phuket. Great weather for, well, just about anything. Great weather for a holiday! What are you waiting for?

This evening, on the way home, the sky was turning orange. There is a place called Plub Pla between Kata and Chalong, on the hill with views all around. Or at least there used to be. I don't know if it ever got much business, but it's for sale now. From up there, the views are fantastic. Someone give me a billion Baht please. I'll buy it. Too many words. Time for a picture.

Sunset from Plub Pla looking over Kata

A picture is worth a thousand words (at least)  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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