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Sunsets and Showers

Typical low season weather in Phuket. Mostly gorgeous and sunny, sudden heavy showers, and (just in time for the Kata Beach Surf contest that starts on Friday) the sea is calm and there's hardly any wind! Not good for surfing! Was the same last year... maybe the date should be changed?

After all the events of the weekend (see Phuket Airport Closed by Protests), I was a bit blank at the start of the week, in automatic mode. Monday was a largely sunny day, the good weather no doubt helping to clear the backlog of flights in and out of Phuket. A real shame for people who had to change plans, though from what I have seen in the press, most people who were "stuck" in Phuket did not mind at all! It did rain a bit on Monday night as I recall. Rain in the night is ideal, cools the air and we don't get wet :)

World Weather: Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana on Monday, but after all the precautions, it was nothing like as bad as Katrina. (See Gustav Photos on BBC). Mind you the storm had already killed many in the Caribbean. And there's another on the way called Hanna. In fact there's one behind that called Ike too... and one more called Josephine. Holy crap. If they have names it means they are being treated seriously... Check out the latest forecasts for hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons at Tropical Storm Risk.

Tuesday was also a nice day, maybe a bit cloudier than Monday. I was not really paying attention. Life can be a blur somedays. Especially when you have a state of emergency :) But it did hammer down with rain on Tuesday night along with some thunder and lightning. I explained to my scared 3 year old where thunder comes from. Only clouds banging together, not monsters.

Kata Beach Sunset today

This morning started bright but the air was hazy. Hazy quickly became dark and cloudy and we had rain for about an hour. The rest of the day here in Phuket has been beautiful. I stopped at Kata beach before going home...

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Kata beach today

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