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Weather in Phuket this week...

Jamie does apologise for lack of updates this week. I guess there has been nothing to update. We have had some sun, some cloud, some showers. You know, it's called "weather". Sometimes the days pass in a blur, and this week has been one of those weeks.

I am very lucky to be living here, to have a wonderful wife, 2 beautiful kids... but for those who may think I am living the fantasy tropical paradise life, well let me say that life sometimes is pretty routine - up early, get kids ready for school, work all day (6 days per week), home, play with kids, get kids to bed. And then rather often zzzzzzz. Not always time to update blogs or head down the beach. Life is great, but living in Phuket can be just like living anywhere else! Work, kids, bills to pay, mortgage payments, dishes to wash. It's called life. Welcome to your life. There's no turning back.

Thanks for listening. You're a wonderful audience.

Anyway, weather - On Saturday my daughter got wet in the rain while parading with the school in Phuket town (she was dressed as a tree). Then the morning turned hot. My dear wife felt sick, my daughter was flushed with the heat and we headed home, only venturing out later for some dinner at the Big Chicken restaurant.

The days since then have been partly sunny, partly cloudy but almost no rain. There was a bit this afternoon, but only nit noy (hey, learn Thai - "nit noy" means "a little bit"... next lesson soon).

The NOAA defines "partly cloudy" as : Between 3/8 and 5/8 of the sky is covered by clouds. On another site (weatherbug), it defines partly sunny as : The sky has some amount of clouds, but usually between 30 and 70% coverage. So partly sunny and partly cloudy are same thing more or less.

I'll take partly anything and hope the coming weekend offers more sun than cloud.

And can I just say. I love Phuket :)

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