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Cooler weather and a bit of rain in Phuket

The really good weather - hot, hardly any wind - lasted until Sunday... the rest of this week has been mostly cloudy, occasionally sunny, sometimes wet, and with a bit of wind thrown in. Wind blowing from the west again.. just when you thought it was safe to say HIGH SEASON, the final kick of the South West Monsoon.. well, nothing serious, just a bit wet here and there. Winds are quite light actually, but today the clouds were clearly scudding from the west (only clouds can "scud", nothing else).

I have been rather busy this week, as high season is suddenly upon us. The Similan Islands are open for diving, and we have had many people visiting the dive center for booking day trips and dive courses. Shame the weather had to change this week!

I guess Monday was OK, just rained in the night. Tuesday the same. I managed to just avoid the rain as I rode home from Karon on my trusty Honda Wave.. my wife then went out to buy some noodles and got soaked. Ha Ha. Not funny. Ha Ha.

The weather at this time of year is changeable - the last 2 weeks of perfect (if a bit hot) weather were unexpected. It's hard to predict one day to the next, but can I just say "the weather in Phuket is rarely terrible, sometimes a bit cr*p, mostly sunny, partly cloudy and nearly always better than England. Ha Ha, I say again.

There has been a discussion of the last few days weather on Trip Advisor...

Last few days weather in Phuket (on

Today started with rain, got slightly sunny, yet mostly cloudy, a few drips in the evening as we enjoyed a drink and BBQ at a friend's house, but it's still hot, the few drips of rain were warm, and I feel very lucky to be living here.

I'd like to say, get well soon Seve.

And.. if you are eligible to vote in the coming elections in the USA.. please vote Obama... I find Palin very scary and McCain looks like a puppet.

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