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Much Better Weather in Phuket

You might almost think the season was changing. I swear I felt some east winds last night... October 1st is early for the prevailing winds to switch from SW to NE, but there has been a feeling that the weather was a bit odd this low season, so an early start to "high season" weather would be not unexpected. A dive operator I spoke to today said some companies were planning Similan Islands trips as early as next week. Certainly since Sunday things have calmed right down, and although there have been some showers, the last 2 days have been warm and mostly sunny.

The Windguru forecast shows real signs of changing winds. The wind direction indicator is all over the place, and very light winds and calm seas predicted for the next week. Maybe there'll be one more big blow after that, or maybe we'll be into high season! Looks like October might be a great month for a trip to Phuket!

Must try to take a photo or some tomorrow in Kathu Village. I went into the village tonight near the Chinese shrine to buy some Vegetarian food. Kathu village at this time, with almost everyone dressed in white, old Chinese style shops, lots of old folks around, the firecrackers, the incense, the temple... it's like a step back in time. Over the next week of the vegetarian festival I have some time off work. Time I hope to take lots of photos!

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