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OK, now I reckon it's high season in Phuket

Weather has got rather hot and sticky the last few days. As I write, there are rumbles of thunder. All that heat has to go somewhere! So we've been having hot, muggy days with occasional thunderstorms, hardly any wind, calm seas. The winds are still switching around - take a look at Windguru - direction changes every day, can't make it's mind up. I'll guess another week of this before the brave north-easter sets in.

High season for me means no more little holidays, lots of work. You can go scuba diving in Phuket year round to local dive sites, but with the onset of calm seas we can reach the best diving in Thailand! The Similan Islands are about 40 miles west of Khao Lak, about 60 miles northwest of Phuket and due to the distances and location out in the Andaman Sea (which is part of the Indian Ocean), you just can't plan trips out there in the low season. Weather might be good enough, but might not be - and we don't want to be taking risks.

Best way to get to the Similan Islands and further north to Richelieu Rock, and also into the Mergui Archipelago (part of Burma) is by liveaboard - dive boats with cabins, crew, all meals included... I'll write something about liveaboards on Jamie's Phuket sometime soon, as it was liveaboards that kept me here! Our first liveaboard customers of the season headed out yesterday and I'll bet they have a great trip. Weather is great for diving. High season is here!

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