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Phuket weather this week...

OK, it's the end of October and I reckon high season is here NOW, but this week has been quite wet. The winds have been from the west and seas rather bouncy. Similan Islands daytrips by speedboat were cancelled yesterday.

Actually, I guess Monday was OK, just rained in the night. Rain carried on into the morning so we all drove in the car after dropping the kids off at school, then of course it was nice and sunny most of Tuesday too, only raining again in the night, and again into morning.. another ride in the car on Wednesday (poor wife having to come and pick me up again in the not-wet-at-all evening). It's 20km from home to Karon beach, so she can drive plenty of distance in the day when you factor in the school run too.

Wednesday night was very wet and windy and yesterday (Thursday) was one of the wettest days of the year I reckon! I did feel sorry for our diving customers who were out in that weather. A bit of rain is not reason to cancel a trip, but they did come back in the afternoon with that drowned rat look. Anyway, well done to the Sjogren family for completing their PADI Open Water Diver course yesterday in less than ideal conditions!

After a very very wet Thursday, today has been lovely - mostly sunny, warm, seas much calmer.. I say we are ready for high season NOW! A day off work tomorrow, hoping for beach weather. As today was pay day, I think we'll eat out for lunch. Someone told me the Beach Bar is open again after the low season lull, but I do fancy a plate of Yam Gung Seab at Pak Nam Seafood.

Another day like today please! I know rain has to fall, but I did not decide to live in Phuket for the tropical rains... I like the low season, or at least the sunny bits. Days as wet as yesterday are very rare. Days like today are great. Viva Phuket!

The wind is still blowing from the west. Just now we could see hundreds of lanterns ("khom fai") drifting across the sky from Patong. Not sure why.. maybe a Halloween thing. Happy Halloween if you care. The kids at school did trick or treat today and dressed up. It's a bit American really. They won't be burning a Guy next Wednesday, I'm sure. Guy Fawkes night is much more British! But I do have to remember.. This is Thailand... I am sure the PAD don't need to be told about Guy Fawkes... :)

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