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Almost perfect days

Time does fly sometimes. This week has flown by. Yeh, it's all in the mind, the dive shop has been busy, lots to do, no time to sit around and let time crawl along. The weather was very kind to our divers all week, and there were even sightings of whale sharks at Richelieu Rock. Dive boats reported calm seas and clear waters all week. The days were hot, skies blue, absolutely perfect weather. The "low season" has left Phuket, but... don't be thinking that if you come in "high season" you get 24 hour sunshine and never see any rain. Oh no...

Friday showed signs that all the heat of the week was building up into some clouds and rain. A nice day to be sure, but the clear skies of the week were replaced by "slightly cloudy". Tut tut, enough to ruin your holiday!

Saturday - a day off for me, plans to drive to Khao Lak for the day put aside. After a week of school and work, we often want a lazy day. Weather started nice, a few clouds here and there. We went for an early lunch at the floating restaurant at Bang Rong on the east coast. Tourist hordes? I think not.

View at Bang Rong on the east coast of Phuket, 8th November

In the afternoon, half the family went back to sleep. Poor little boy a bit sick. Often happens with a change in the weather. I headed to old Phuket Town with my daughter to take a walk and visit the small but interesting Phuket Thai Hua museum. Weather was hot, my daughter needed ice cream after looking around the museum.

Phuket Thai Hua Museum

The weather changed in the time it took for my daughter to eat a Cornetto. By the time she was finishing off the last of the cone, rain started to fall. We did not get wet... just reached the car in time! The rain then hammered down for a couple of hours. So, most of the day was good, the rain a good excuse to do nothing for a while. The evening was dry and I enjoyed a footie night with a couple of friends.

Today I had hoped to have some time to catch the finals of the Womens Beach Volleyball World Tour which has been taking place at Karon Beach.. but no.. too busy. Barely had time to order lunch from the restaurant next door! Again, weather was decent all day, but then suddenly turned wet around 6pm for about an hour. This is tropical weather here in Phuket.. heat, downpours, the delicate sound of thunder...

Forecast : More tea, vicar?

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