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Loy Kratong Weather in Phuket

On Tuesday I did predict we'd be have some more evening rain this week. So I got wet again yesterday evening on the way home from Karon Beach to Kathu. Slightly less wet than Tuesday, my plastic raincoat keeping some parts dry at least. Rain fell for a couple of hours, so we wondered if Loy Kratong would be a wash out. It was 9pm before we headed out, stopping at the Big Chicken restaurant for some dinner.

Due to the rain, I guess everyone was heading out at the same time. We drove up to Bang Wad reservoir where the ground was rather soggy, but the rain had stopped. You can see more about Loy Kratong on Jamie's Phuket - Loy Krathong 2008.

At home, we lit several kom fai - lanterns, which are released into the air on Loy Kratong. All for good luck.. make a wish...

Kom Fai lantern being released at our house last night

Today has yet again been blue skied and warm. Yet again I am busy with emails. Maybe there is a tourist slow down... but divers are not tourists! Divers are hard to stop. The hell with the recession, I'm going diving! And, I'd like to say thanks for coming. Hope to see you at Sunrise Divers.

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