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Weather this week: Meh

I have been so busy this week the weather has been like a memory on the edge of my consciousness. The economic downturn it seems is not putting people off diving! I can imagine divers all over the world saying "Oh, sod the credit crunch, I'm going diving". Now we've reached the start of the proper high season for tourism and I am working my socks off (not that I wear socks). If you want to dive, hope to see you soon - see Diving in Phuket with Sunrise Divers.

There has been plenty of sun, plenty of blue sky... but some days I hardly notice the weather. Sunday was nice and warm, Monday a bit cloudier, Tuesday was nice and warm until the evening. I am sure there is a good scientific reason why the bloody rain holds off until just exactly when it's time for me to ride the bike home. Something about cooling air once the sun goes down leading to increased rates of condensation and formation of raindrops. On Tuesday the rain lashed down and thunder rolled around the hills. I decided not to brave the rain and stayed in the shop until after 8pm.

On Tuesday there was a weather warning for Thailand... tropical storm "Noul" was heading this way, just passing the coast of Vietnam where it caused several deaths, heavy flooding and some damage. But, as normally happens with these storms, it lost power and petered out before getting to Thailand. My wife's family lives in Chumphon on the east coast and she says they can only remember one really big storm, when she was a kid, that flooded their house.. So what I am saying is.. big storms don't come this way very often.

Wednesday we had a sunny morning, then rain in the afternoon, another heavy typically tropical downpour for an hour. Today has been dry save for a few drops of light drizzle in the afternoon. Some stronger winds too, maybe the remnants of Noul, but anyway, it's all calm and dry again now. The NE winds have set in for sure. Windguru is predicting very heavy rain tomorrow. Meh.

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