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Wind, rain, sun, it's anybody's guess!

Yesterday started wet. Lots of rain in the night, though it was not really raining all day. Quite windy though, and I must have been asked about the weather forecast about 10 times during the day! We had a busy busy day at the dive shop. Lots of divers heading out on live aboards, students completing their PADI Open Water Diver course, half a tonne of emails, one of those days when I would like to sit down and chat to everyone but have no time. Before arriving at the shop, my wife and I took a drive around the always quiet Rawai beach area of Phuket. Sure, it's more built up here than 10 years ago, but compared to Patong it's a different world.

Rawai, 21st November

Windy... trees at Rawai Beach, 21st November

The photo of the trees at Rawai beach above shows the wind. The Northeast winds have set in now, and can blow quite strong on occasion. Normally this means that Phuket does not get much rain, but yesterday certainly started very wet and had our divers all worried! My feeling (and that's a decent prediction for the weather here) was that the weather would be drier and less windy today, so I hope everyone enjoyed their diving!

A day off today was very welcome. No long drives, a very relaxing day off. Weather has been good, lots of clear blue sky, no rain, not windy. We took a little drive to Sirey Island, to the east of Phuket town. The temple was open, so I took some photos of the big reclining Buddha there, and we said some prayers. The temple is on a hill with views all around.

View from Wat Sirey, Phuket, 21st November

Tomorrow? I tell you, the way the weather is now, I cannot say if tomorrow will be wet, dry, windy, calm.. Right now (11pm) it's calm, dry, but the sky is overcast. Tomorrow never knows. But I am hopeful.

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