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Winds of Change?

As I posted a few days ago.. the people in Phuket are rather shocked, annoyed, dismayed, frustrated and disheartened by the PAD ("People Against Democracy") occupation of airports in Bangkok. This has to end very very soon. And I think the police are just not willing to end it. Nobody wants violence, but I tell you if this happened in England, the protesters would get everything they deserve and no sympathy.

An advertising billboard not far from our house changed yesterday into a message from the people of Phuket. I must take a photo tomorrow. Get out of the airports, you fools. Idiots. Spoilt rich kids throwing their toys out of the pram.

Enough politics. As a foreigner, I don't have a say anyway. So have a look here:

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Latest updates, political comment, history of the current problems - I recommend a look at the Bangkok Pundit blog:

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The quote that sums it up for me:

Conservatives in Bangkok “called the shots for decades,”

“They are unwilling to change with the times ... This is why they got rid of Thaksin but they can’t quite hold back the forces that were unleashed by Thaksin,”

Quote is from Thitinan Pongsudhirak, director of the Institute of Security and International Studies.

More updates in the Thai news:

Bangkok Post

The silent majority... The Bangkok Post reports "In the streets, two-thirds of citizens say they are embarrassed and ashamed for the country."

Add me to that.

Anyway. Phuket Weather.

Windy. A few dive trips have had to change itinerary the last few days. The isolated rocky underwater pinnacle of Richelieu Rock has been off limits. Speedboat to Phi Phi was cancelled on Friday. One of our instructors said it was rough today at Racha Noi island. The WindGuru wind forecast looks a bit less windy during the week. A good breeze blowing tonight. The NE winds are really here to stay now. The mornings are clear, a bit hazy, quite cool. Not much rain likely. Great weather actually.

I just hope you can get here to enjoy it. The PAD are a pathetic bunch of losers.

Lonely Planet Discussion on getting in/out of Bangkok

You can get to Phuket with flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Hong Kong.

Local Phuket News:

Phuket Wan

I hope this is over soon. The PAD are a bunch of idiots. Donkeys. Nobody likes you, get over it. Sure, let's have another election. Same result. Democracy. Not everyone likes it. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And by the way, Thaksin left 2 years ago, so stop moaning about him.

Forecast for tomorrow: Sunny and Breezy and I hope sense will prevail. Only the PAD cult seems to lack any.

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