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Winter weather in Phuket

Snow, hail, biting winds, rain that freezes your soul. We don't have them in Phuket. It was just over 9 years ago that I left my temporary home on the little island of Utila in Honduras, headed back to England for a short while to decide what to do next. Somehow, I had an idea that I missed the fresh, cold air. The constant heat and humidity of the Caribbean coast was getting me down. Wrong. English weather CAN be nice, can have some beautiful crisp, clear days, can have some wonderful sunny days, but mostly it SUCKS!

So, it was in November 1999 that I came to Thailand, back to the warm weather. Nine years have passed. Phuket is now more than a place to live. It's home. Hope to see you here!

So anyway... Winter weather in Phuket. I have been predicting the real start of the high season since the beginning of October, but there has always been that last downpour to prove me wrong. But now, as of yesterday, we have the winter weather. This means winds blowing from the Northeast, cool nights (like 25°C or even a bit less) and clear blue mornings. Worth waking up early for. Sure there might still be some evening rain here and there, but for me this is the best weather of the year. Not too hot, not too wet, not too dry. Such a perfect day.

Today has been perfect, a very relaxing day after a week of work. Great weather and I am happy to say that The Beach Bar is open. It closes every low season due to lack of business down in Cape Panwa, but it's one of our favourite places. The food is simple and cheap and you can sit right on the beach. Kids can play safely, it's peaceful and friendly. We went for dinner, watched the sunset and walked on the beach. The kids love it there.

We took a drive early afternoon just to check that it was open. You have to follow a road along the west side of Cape Panwa with great views across Chalong Bay. It is a beautiful area. We eyed up some empty land... can someone please donate a few million Baht?

View over Chalong Bay from Cape Panwa - click to enlarge

And later... the sunset this evening at The Beach Bar.

Sunset at The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa, Phuket, 15th November 2008

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