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Christmas Weather in Phuket

Apologies for not updating this weather blog for a week.. things have been busy in Phuket, both at work and at home. Yes, it's Christmas week, which is the peak of peak season.. at least in a normal year. Tourist numbers are certainly down given a combination of worldwide recession / credit crunch and the dumb stupid idiotic "PAD" takeover of the airports in Bangkok a month ago. However, I am happy to say that divers are not the same as your average tourist. Divers want to dive, recession be damned! And you are most welcome in Phuket.

Diving in Phuket with Sunrise Divers

The downturn in tourist numbers means you can get some good deals if you do come in high season - Agoda is a good place to look for hotel deals if you're booking less than 4 weeks ahead... or any time!

Phuket Hotels on

Oh, the weather... Well, as you would expect at this time of year, it's hot, mostly sunny with blue skies, calm seas too. In the last week we did have some rain - there was a sprinkling on Christmas Day in the afternoon, a couple of splashes of rain yesterday (quite heavy for a few minutes in the evening), but otherwise quite lovely and no I don't fancy a trip to England right now thanks.

Christmas is an odd time here. It's not all around as it is back 'ome, it's a kind of half hearted affair with some decorations, presents and the repetition of the words "Merry Christmas". The kids do Christmas at school, and we do it at home, mainly for the kids... Christmas should be a kind of magical time. A time for giving, a time to stop and think, to love your family.

Our Christmas Tree on 24th December evening

Weather photos - I seem to have been too busy for taking photos the last few days, so... I have tried using Google blog search to find a few Phuket photos taken in the last few days... not easy - the search results are full of rubbish, and the real bloggers don't update daily, so the photos are all old.. or they don't take photos!

So, I better take a nice blue sky Phuket photo tomorrow in case you don't believe me!... or if you are reading this and have a nice Phuket photo taken in the last few days please do let me know!

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