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Hope to see You in Phuket Soon!

No rain today! And the forecast looks good too. Wind has dropped, sea is much calmer and we had reports of divers seeing a whaleshark at Koh Tachai a couple of days ago - Koh Tachai is an island to the north of the Similan Islands. The divers offshore had different weather to Phuket. People returning over the last 2 days from their 4 day Similan Islands liveaboard dive trips had seen no rain, whereas on Saturday, then Sunday and yesterday we had some big badda boom showers in the evening or late afternoon.

Actually Sunday and Monday were nice enough days, starting sunny, getting hazy, the haze becoming cloud and the cloud becoming rain. Normal enough tropical weather. We bought a new car a couple of weeks ago, more for safety than anything. I have been riding a motorbike to work for years. It's 20km each way, so 40km per day. I have only had a couple of small accidents, but we figured once we could afford it, a car is much safer - and I tell you last night driving home in some of the heaviest rain I have ever driven in, I was very very glad to not be on a bike! The rain only lasted 30 minutes and seemed to have cleared the sky of moisture. Today has been clear and blue all day, and I took a quick walk on Karon Beach in the late afternoon before sunset.

If you are wondering... is it safe? After all that hoohaa last week... Yes, of course. Life in Phuket is quite normal, thanks. Hope to see you here soon.

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