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Perfect Weather in Phuket

Forgive the slackness of my updates last week. A combination of being busy, bloggers block and lack of exciting weather. Yes, its been hot and sunny all week, no rain, hazy mornings giving way to blue skies, light winds, a bit breezy at times. But this is not the kind of weather blog that reports daily like a robot "Thursday, Temperature 32 degrees, partly cloudy, no rain".

If you don't find updates daily here, worry ye not. Look on the left side of the blog and you'll find many links showing the weather such as the live webcam at Karon beach and the live weather station at Chalong Bay.

Despite the recent silly goings on in Bangkok, we always have work to do. The dive shop was noticeable quieter the last 2 weeks, although liveaboard diving customers seem to be undeterred by the bad press that Thailand has made for itself. I will enjoy a couple more quiet days, because next week we hit peak season, and from looking at our prebookings, it looks like a damburst of divers! See you soon!

Yesterday I took a walk in Phuket Town with my son. We started at Mongkhon Nimit temple...

Wat Mongkhon Nimit in Phuket Town

Please note the sunny weather. In the temple you can find Phuket's only licenced motorbike taxi driven by a dog. Later, while wandering the streets of the old town we also encountered a bird who could say "Sawatdee Ka". Anyway, had a nice walk with the boy.

Dog on motorbike in Phuket

Today's weather here in Phuket continues hot and sunny. If you come here on holiday, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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