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Sun, rain and Long Live The King

The perfect Phuket high season weather continued all week. Blue skies, a slightly cooling wind from the northeast. And I am glad to say the crazy stunts pulled by the "PAD" last week are beind us. We're back to normal.. I mean, nothing happened in Phuket.. but now air travel is back up and running from/to Bangkok, and by the way I still curse the Aussie government for placing Thailand on their danger list. I tell you, nothing has changed here. It's just politics (Thai Style). The airport shut down was stupid, but it is NOT going to happen again. The Thais have a way of resolving things so nobody loses (too much) face.

Friday was the 81st birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On Thursday, our kids had Fathers Day celebrations at school, made lovely cards for their dad(me), and I helped my boy give food to monks who came to the school. Friday was a public holiday. The politcal uncertainty in the air was not helped by the fact that His Majesty did not give his annual birthday speech due to a slight illness. His son and eldest daughter spoke for him.

Long Live The King.

I am sure there is a reason why Saturday seems to be wetter than any week day. I am sure this is not related to my taking a day off. Maybe some human element related to pollution, less people working, and thus less people driving cars to work on a Saturday. Anyway.. today has been mostly hazy, followed by very hazy, then later on... "looks like rain". Then finally we went for a walk on Chalong Jetty...

View from Chalong Jetty, Phuket, 6th December 2008

The skies were darkening.. we walked for about 5 minutes and felt the rain start to spit. Looking up to the heavens we saw 2 eagles circling...

Eagles over Chalong, Phuket 6th December 2008

The rain lashed down for about 20 minutes as we drove home...

Rain on the way home from Chalong

The night is calm and cool. Tomorrow awaits.

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