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The Webcam at Karon Beach

So yesterday morning before opening up I took a little walk at Karon Beach. The early morning sun is not too hot.. by about 10am it's time for the shade (unless you are a newly arrived Swedish tourist, in which case it is compulsory to stay in the sun all day on your first day and get skin redder than cranberry sauce).

At the south end of Karon Beach you find the Marina Phuket Resort, which as I have noted before is one of the Top 10 Hotels in Phuket. The grounds of the hotel are green and shady, and pathways lead to the rooms and to the "On The Rock" restaurant, which is home to the Karon Beach Live Webcam.

Here's the cam itself....

The Webcam at Karon Beach Phuket

And the view of Karon Beach....

View of Karon Beach, 19th December 2008

Wish U were here? Come on! Try out some of the hotel deals at, and have a look at Air Asia, who seem to keep giving away flights.

Weather could not be better and we're off to the Beach Bar tomorrow, one of our favourite hangouts in Phuket. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, hope you are not too cold :)

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