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Fun in the Sun in Phuket

It seems a week has gone by without a Phuket Weather blog update - sorry about that! Mind you, I have to say there has been little change in the weather. The last 7 days have been sunny with almost perfect blue skies, no rain that I recall. The only meteorological phenomenon of note has been the wind. It has been quite breezy, and indeed today some of our dive customers had to turn back on the way to Phi Phi due to the wind and waves rocking their speedboat too much. The wind was howling around my house yesterday evening, and when we had our party on Saturday a few guests were wishing they had warmer clothes!

A couple of good "wind" links for you:

Windguru - Phuket Wind and Wave forecasts
Live Weather and Wind station at Chalong Bay, Phuket

The live weather station is run by Kite Surf Thailand - they must be loving it! I see right now the wind at 10 knots with a 16 knot max for today.

In the last weather report, I had the Sneezles. This is just about done now, I think todays lunch - a very spicy Tom Kha Gai - did the trick and removed the last of the cold from my head. Normally Tom Kha is not spicy, but the restaurant next door does a version with a much spicier soup.

So the week has gone by, indeed the years are falling by rather quickly too. This weekend we had a party for our son's 4th birthday. A lovely, happy day in the sun, a bouncy castle in the garden, lots of friends, perhaps one too many beers? Our son was born 2 weeks after the tsunami. I think about now I have reached a mental turning point with regards to that event. I have written about it here: 4 Years after the Tsunami.

Having a party at our house on Saturday

Yesterday I took a walk along Karon Beach and felt a sense of everyone enjoying themselves. Families, couples, sunworshippers, there were smiles and laughter, blue skies and warm seas. A great time of year to be here in Phuket!.. Actually, I say that all the time :) It's always a good time to be here!

Karon Beach, 12th January 2009

Longtail boats off Karon Beach

You can see the back of the Big Buddha's head from Karon Beach

Right, back to normal life now. Christmas, New Year, Birthday, crazy peak season all gone now. Might get some more time to blog, to get out and about. Would like to get out for a bit of quiet time with my wife one evening this week, something we hardly seem to have time for. I want to try the new "Phuket Brewery". Also must shake off the laziness and take a trip up to the Big Buddha early one morning.

Forecast: Sun and (now I have shaken off the sneezles) a Happy New Year!

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