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Sunny New Year with Sneezles

Just one more round of "Happy New Year"! OK, now lets get on with 2009, the best year yet! Unless you are Palestinian. This is a Phuket blog, non political, but can someone please tell me how Israel manages to get away with it? They blockade a country, a few militants fire a few rockets and WHAM! 500 dead and counting.

Here in Phuket, the weather is back to hot and sunny for the last 2 days after that oddly damp New Year. There was a big old fashioned tropical downpour last night where we live, but that came after a blue skied day, and the sky was again clear and blue today. Being a) busy; and b) sick (*more later), I took a walk as far as the little temple in Karon Plaza, just opposite the dive shop.. a 5 meter walk... just to get a couple of blue sky photos to prove that the weather blog does not lie! I also took a couple of pictures in and around "our" little temple.

Flower at Karon Plaza temple Karon Plaza temple, 5th January Karon Plaza temple, 5th January

Inside Karon Plaza temple Inside Karon Plaza temple Inside Karon Plaza temple

I feel like Christopher Robin tonight and will go to bed early again...

Christopher Robin
Had wheezles
And sneezles,
They bundled him
His bed.
They gave him what goes
With a cold in the nose,
And some more for a cold
In the head.

The full poem : Sneezles

The term "cold" when applied to this kind of annoying illness just does not apply here. It is HOT here, how do I have a COLD? A few friends have the same... I think it's due to all these changes in the weather. So let's stick with the sun for a while, eh? See you soon! Hopefully I will be like Christopher Robin in the morning...

Christopher Robin
Got up in the morning,
The sneezles had vanished away.
And the look in his eye
Seemed to say to the sky,
"Now, how to amuse them to-day?"

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