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Hotter than....

I had a laugh this evening, which is not newsworthy.. I have lots of laughs, but this laugh was weather related, thus can be mentioned on the Phuket weather blog.

The weather now is hot, as has been mentioned in other recent posts. Sure we had a rainy morning to cool things off last Friday, but since then it's all been sun. I like the heat, but I also like having air conditioning! Aircon is still like a luxury novelty to me, even after living here for so long. Before Thailand, I stayed on the little island of Utila, off the coast of Honduras. Aircon? Well, there were a few people had it, but mostly a fan was the limit, and anyway the electricity was off from midnight to 6am unless you could get hooked up to a generator. And I was talking today to a dive instructor who had previously stayed on the Togian Islands in North Sulawesi. Electricity for a few hours per day.. I mean, a kind of castaway paradise, but... he told me how he got hold of a mini handheld fan, some rechargeable batteries, charged them during that few hour period and could get to sleep by sticking the mini fan into a piece of styrofoam and putting it next to his pillow!

So I say thank you for aircon!

Today, I saw the sky with no clouds. The heat was hot and the ground was dry, but the air was full of sound. I been through the desert on a horse with no name... Seriously though, even from outside our shop, the noise of insects up in the forested hills above Karon Beach was plainly audible. Shut your eyes, you could be in the jungle.

So, as per the title of this blog entry. It's Hotter Than... I have a tshirt which only a few people in the world have, as it was made specially for a select group back in my adventurous travel days. "Hotter than a snakes arse in a waggon rut" is one of the many odd phrases printed on this tshirt. (that was a quote from Good Morning Vietnam). I was surfing the web just now looking for more "Hotter Than..." expressions. Found some. So, this week, Phuket is...

hotter than two rats ****ing in a wool sock
hotter than hell in hells kitchen
hotter than a whore house on nickel night
hotter than a goat’s ass in a pepper patch
hotter than a squirrel's nuts on a fryin' pan

I'll stop there, you can search Google for more. They mostly seem to originate in the southern USA, which I guess can be pretty (darn) hot in summer. Phuket is hot too, but I've not seen anyone playing the banjo here.

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