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Phuket Weather Forecasts are Sh#t

First of all, let me start by saying the weather in Phuket this week has been hot and sunny with varying amounts of cloud, slightly hazy mornings, did I say hot already? AND NO RAIN. We are into that "maybe we should install aircon in the living room, not just the bedroom" time of year. For holidaymakers looking for sun, sea and sand along with all that goes with Phuket, this is the perfect time of year.

Let's start with a photo - I went to Chalong Bay this afternoon to show a boat to a customer. Lovely afternoon in Chalong.

Chalong Bay, Phuket, 26th February 2009

OK, get the picture. Phuket right now is sunny, hot, etc.

So, WHY OH WHY are all these weather forecasts completely wrong, total rubbish? Check them out - all predicting rain, thunderstorms, a bit of sun creeping in here and there... - BBC Weather - Weather Underground - CNN

So no wonder I have had people contact me this week via email, facebook and blog comments, all asking about the weather in Phuket, all worried that upcoming vacations would be washed out. There's also a thread about this very subject on the TripAdvisor forum (thanks to someone on there for mentioning this blog as a source of all things true!)

One forecast that seems a bit more like the real thing - unsurprisingly - the Thai Government Meteorological Department. So, here's the truth - always the true Phuket Weather here on this blog. The international forecast sites have no clue. Sure there might be a chance of an evening thunderstorm, but this is the hottest and driest time of year in Phuket. If you are coming soon, please do not worry about the weather. It has not rained on me for 2 weeks.

And yes, it's annoying that the webcam at Marina Phuket resort is not working... I will send them an email.

It's a warm night. Turn on that aircon!

And RIP Wendy Richard.

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