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Flowers and Sunshine

I need hardly mention that the hot and sunny weather continues in Phuket, though it seems not everyone believes me. I had a Facebook message which questioned my reports as other weather sites said it was raining every day in Phuket. It has in fact not rained since last Friday, 9 days ago.. at least not where I have been - you can get random isolated showers in Phuket during the hot season. Phuket is hot and sunny right now, with temperatures heading for the mid 30's Celcius.

This is THE Phuket Weather blog. Only here can you get the real picture! Aside from the reports and photos, try some of the links on the left of the page like the Phuket Webcam (it's not my webcam.. and seems to be out of order at the moment...), or the live weather station.

Today has been hot, and we are being generally very lazy. We went for lunch at a great noodle shop on the edge of Phuket town where they specialise in Kuay Jap style noodles (see here: Kuay Jap Noodles) and I have done a bit of tidying up around the garden. Such excitement! Well, we can't go out and explore every week, and in the high season I have one day off work every week, so sometimes it's nice to do as little as possible.

To show today's weather, here's a bunch of flowers... some photos of various flowers taken this afternoon in our garden.

This Lotus flower will bloom soon. This is life, this is a flower ready to burst.

These are Leelawadee flowers. We got a tree months ago, but it's only started to really flourish recently. Leelawadee flowers have a beautiful smell.

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