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Heat, Thunder and Reeboks

So hot! I really should buy a thermometer for the garden so I can be a proper weather nerd and say it was 35.2 degrees Celcius today... as it is, I don't know exactly how hot it was, suffice to say that today was HOT! When local people say it's hot, you know it's HOT!

The day started quite cloudy, with dark clouds over the hills. No rain on me, but I will wager it was raining in Patong, maybe Karon beach too. The dark clouds all but disappeared later, and the afternoon was scorching hot.

Later we headed to Bang Wad reservoir, took a picnic with us and watched as thunderclouds once again built up to the north. There were some fantstic streaks of lightening and the thunderhead spread quickly. Some light rain as we headed home, but no big thunderstorm or heavy rain materialized.

Thunderhead building over Phuket, 7th March

I have just turned 40, am aware of the spreading waistline, am aware of not getting enough exercise, am aware my eating (and drinking!) habits are not the best... So. Went shopping today and got myself some new Reeboks. I used to run a lot, used to be in the town team and was even the University Athletic team captain! But it's been years since I really went for a run, or a jog even. Today was the start. A little run on the dam in my new Reeboks. Lungs burning after a quarter mile. Ouch! Legs will hurt tomorrow. I hope to regain some fitness and lose some kilos. Here's the jogger Jamie today at the reservoir...

Jogger Jamie with new Reeboks!

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