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Quick Phuket report first - last few days here have been muggy, hot, partly sunny, partly cloudy, light or no wind and some rain. Big ol' thunderstorm last night, some light drizzle today, though divers out on the ocean had sun all day - this is normal as any clouds will form, and then let loose their load on land.

So, what's the weather like in Koh Samui?

I am happy to report that over on "the other side", in Koh Samui, you can also find a weather blogger. Camille started the Samui Weather blog in February 2007, and along with the regular weather reports he often adds stories, Samui news, restaurant reviews, temples, markets and local life.

I have been to Samui. It seems very different to Phuket. For one, it is a "real" island - no bridges to the mainland! Like Phuket, it has the touristy beaches, but Chaweng and Lamai are nowhere near as crazy as Patong. Like Phuket, if you get off the main tourist beaches, you find a bit of real Thailand. Like myself, Camille likes to show a bit of this in his blog.

Camille also works in the dive business, only he is a top dog "Course Director", meaning he trains new dive instructors. And somehow finds time to blog pretty much daily on the state of the weather in Koh Samui.

Here it is: The Koh Samui Weather Blog

A word on the Phuket vs. Samui weather debate... It is way too simple to say that Phuket is best from November - April and Samui for the other 6 months. That is often what is written in guidebooks and what people believe. Mostly rubbish. I mean, right now for example, in March, it's good all over. May can be wet and windy on both sides of the peninsular at times, July can be nice in Phuket, November can be nice in Samui. Best places to look for the REAL weather are - right here on the Phuket Weather Blog and the Koh Samui Weather Blog.

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Cheers Camille and hope we actually meet one day!

Oh, and there's also a pretty good webcam for Samui here : Koh Samui Webcam - so you can check the latest weather as it happens, just as you can check the Phuket (Karon Beach) Webcam... which seems to be kind of back online but having a client overload, I have emailed them again!

At this time of year, whether you may be in Phuket or Koh Samui, it's probably going to be hot. This is the hot season, or the "aircon" season. I reckon I might crack soon and install aircon in the living room.

Enjoy the heat! Cheers from Phuket and Samui :)

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