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Loving Life in Phuket

Aside from the (mostly) good weather, the food, the easy pace of life, the (cliché) smiles and so on, I am thankful for my family, my loving wife, my beatiful kids and am very happy to have "settled" here in Phuket. Must have been almost exactly 9 years ago that I met my wife. 9 years... make me a bit dizzy!

So, the weather... Friday was another "wish I was a rich b***ard and did not have to work" kind of day. Blue skies and office work do not mix! As I recall there was a slight sprinkling of rain during the day, but otherwise, lovely. Clear skies at night, starry starry night.

Saturday - a most superbly relaxing afternoon and evening sitting by the beach, cold beers, kids playing and playing, peace and quiet, beautiful sunset. Where? Well, in Phuket, of course. Our favourite place.

Sunset across Chalong Bay 28th March

After sunset - moon setting too

The panorama below was taken before sunset from where we sat. Click the picture to enlarge...

Panorama of Chalong Bay, Phuket - Click to enlarge - opens in new window

Looks like that rainy period is behind us and we can look forward to hot and sunny weather in Phuket for the next few weeks. Just 2 weeks until Songkran, and just over a month to go for our main diving season - April is a great time to dive here. See you soon!

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