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Too hot to go out, too hot to play ball

If you are coming from colder climates, arriving in Phuket at this time of year is quite a shock to the system. But surely, that's one of the reasons for coming! Yes, it IS hot here, yes you WILL get sunburn if you lie on the beach at midday. Even for us semi-locals, the heat is sometimes a bit too much, something best avoided. It's been hot today, and a bit hazy. Maybe was some rain somewhere in the evening - it got windy for 20 minutes and a few drops fell on our house.. somewhere else probably had a bit more rain and thunder.

This afternoon we decided to head to Cape Phromthep for sunset. I have been here for nearly 10 years and have seen sunsets all over Phuket from Ya Nui to Surin, from Ao Yon to Patong.. and have been to Phromthep countless times, but somehow have never seen a sunset at Cape Phromthep, which is touted by just about every website and tour agency as "THE" sunset viewpoint. Thus, I was not surprised to find hundreds of people there today! The Phromthep Sunset Experience will be blogged soon on Jamie's Phuket, but for now, a couple of sunset photos....

Entertainment for sunset

Sunset at Cape Phromthep, Phuket

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