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A week of sunshine in Phuket

The whole week has been sunny. Was there some evening rain early in the week? Maybe, but it's nothing to write home about. After having a few rainy afternoons and nights last week (that's tropical livin'!), we're back into no-messing hot season, heading towards Songkran 1 month from now (see Songkran 2009). Always the hottest time of year.

People walk into our office and let out delighted sighs - Air Con! I do like to feel comfortable, you know! Not everyone likes aircon... A customer came in this week and appeared scared to enter, eyeing the aircon unit as if it would eat her. "If I come in I will get a cold, can you turn it off?"... I hope she doesn't go to buy a drink in 7-11. She'll get frostbite.

And now... I did not take any photos in the week, was sick for a day, busy for a couple of days and just have no time for going out to take nice photos. So I will add a few Phuket photos from other blogs :)

Not sure of the exact date of this one, but it's sometime in the last week and I found it on

Sunset by charlenediane

And a picture of Phuket Town, old town, taken yesterday I think - hard to tell, I think this blog sets a record for number of posts per day (106 in the last week! I got dizzy reading it...), I wonder HOW he/she/they actually had time to go and take a photo! See :

Old Phuket Town, from ktelontour blog

Saturday tomorrow, no work, kids want to go to the crocodile farm, which I have only just heard about, not Phuket zoo, it's a different place in Phuket town. I want to sit in the garden, take some sun, drink a cold beer, sleep a few hours.. ah, well, it will be low season soon, I can rest then!

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