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High Season Weather is Back!

Looks like we had a false start to the low season. I think this happens every year. Around 5 days of wind and rain, then it all calms down again. The real low season will be here soon enough, but for now it's hot sunny weather in Phuket again.

Friday (24th) we did have some rain. I ventured out early to take photos of the Shrine of the Serene Light in Phuket old town.. but the serene light was missing, replaced by light rain. It only rained for half an hour, the rest of Friday was dry. The weekend was also warm and sunny, great weather for being here, I can't say it often enough - it's ALWAYS a good time to be here! But... as for tourist numbers, the high season is over. Very quiet in Karon Beach, and last weeks rainy weather may well have put off some last minute holidays. Well come now, it's sunny!

Today I should have driven up to Chumphon, but needed a day of rest. Hope my wife understands! I'll be driving up tomorrow for a few days on the east coast of Thailand. My wife says the last week has been great weather there. From home, I checked the webcam at Karon Beach - sea looked calm today and it has been a hot day, a scorcher indeed.

Next report from Chumphon! In the meantime, a couple of photos taken at home today...

Blue skies, 27th April, Phuket

We have a lot of orchids in our garden

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