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Hot Season Weather in Phuket

Despite all those silly forecasts telling you to expect rain and thunder and lightning.... it's hot and sunny here in Phuket. Very hot and sunny. So, yah boo to the BBC weather which says Sunday is "Heavy Rain Shower" and goes on to predict the same for the next few days too. Indeed, if I may be permitted another "weather forecasts for Phuket are all wrong" rant... Search Google for "Phuket Weather" and above the results (this blog No.3 at the moment), you get a "forecast":

Google Phuket Weather Forecast

So, Google predicts rain and storms for the next few days. Including today.

Today is HOT AND SUNNY. Do I have to say it again? Sure, there MIGHT be an isolated thunderstorm somewhere sometime, but all I have seen today is sun. Same yesterday, very very hot. This is the hot season in Phuket. It's hot, do you hear me, were you born on the sun? :)

Yesterday, after lunch at the Kaewjai restaurant in Phuket Town, we visited the crocodile farm, aka "Crocodile and Tiger World". I am not sure many people know about it. We were the only visitors. It will be blogged soon! Walking around in the heat was energy sapping. But damn, if there ain't a lot of crocs. We were there at feeding time. They also have some tigers (they were all sleeping), gibbons and a few other things like emu and ostrich.

Here are some crocs in the sun...

Crocodile farm in Phuket Town

Crocodile farm in Phuket Town - crocs coming for lunch!

Ha ha.. as I was writing this blog about how hot and sunny it is.... guess what, it started raining. Looks like one of those isolated thunderstorms. Probably stop in 20 minutes. Have a nice day wherever you are!

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