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Changing Seasons in Phuket

Yes, the seasons are certainly changing... I seem to have been saying that for weeks. There is always a long period of changeable weather just when the southwest monsoon winds start to blow. We had some wet and windy weather around 20th - 23rd April, rough seas, big waves at the beaches... and then it all calmed down again. The last 2 weeks of our main dive season have been great - seas are calm, a little rain here and there and I have heard from customers sightings of Whalesharks, Manta Rays and even the rare Shovelnose Ray. The dive businesses do not close for the summer, but there are no liveaboards and no trips to the Similan islands. We do have lots of local trips - more info here: Summer Season Diving in Phuket.

A quick potted history of the weather this week - mostly sunny, some rain, hardly any wind. Today (Friday) is typical - a wet start to the day, but dry by 10am and sunny in the afternoon. Yesterday was hot all day, some light rain but I can assure you it was hot.. I spent nearly 4 hours at the Phuket Provincial Transportation Office renewing my car and motorbike licences. A lot of waiting around in hot rooms. Thankfully I don't have to renew again until 2015!

The rain does worry people. Morning rain fell on Monday, a customer left a message on my mobile (sorry I did not hear it ring at 6:15am), worried that the rain would lead to cancellation. But of course the rain did not last and I do believe everyone had a good dive trip.

I've not been out and about with camera this week. Will be holidaying again from May 15th - 28th. Mum and dad arrive from England today. And will no doubt be out taking lots of pictures (they will too!).. In lieu of my own photos I have done a Google Blog Search for "Phuket" trying to find pictures from this week..

Big Buddha - from this blog. Blog is in Japanese, has a lot of Thailand pictures especially temples.

And this picture sums it up - Kata in the summer season - a bit of sun, rainclouds in the distance, hardly anyone about. Great. From this blog.

And some rainy pictures here. Not sure from what exact date any of the photos are, but all these blogs were updated in the last 2 days, so I will assume photos from this week.

Absolute latest weather is best seen here: Karon Beach Phuket Webcam. I am waiting on a load more webcams to come online - Nick Anthony, one of the leaders of the Summer in Phuket campaign has told me "webcams will go up on mai Khao, Chedi, (maybe Trisara), Patong, Kata, Chalong (up already), Panwa and at either Yamu or Ao Po" = a webcam festival! Webcams don't lie - you can see exactly what the weather is doing. Hope to see these online soon!

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