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The heat is on

England, that far away land where I was born, sometimes seems out of reach. But my mother and father have been here in Phuket for the last 2 weeks. Most of the time, the weather has been a bit grey, a mixed bag, some sunshine, some rain. No really bad weather, but no really classic scorching days either. Hey, it's low season. The weather in Phuket is OK. Hope this blog brings that message home.

In England they have been having a lovely sunny Bank Holiday weekend. Not nearly as hot as Phuket. I can say without hesitation that the last 2 days here have earned the well-used headline "Phew! What a Scorcher!" - I am used to the heat. I can tell you it has been very hot. My poor dad, used to England and anything over 20 degrees being a "hot day", has been struggling. Oh, by the way, did I mention it's low season?

So, we left you on the 20th May. We had a very nice evening at Phuket Brewery watching singers and the magic show which amazed my kids. We could hear the rain on the roof as we ate there, but it was dry by the time we headed home.

The 21st was hot and humid, still almost no wind at all. When will the real SW monsoon kick in? After a late night on Wednesday, we had a restful morning. Lunch at the excellent Lakeside restaurant in the north of the island near Bang Pae Waterfall. There was rain in the night again. Who cares?! But there was still rain in the morning on Friday. Quite heavy. Umbrella weather. We took the kids to school and staff were waiting with brollies to shepherd the kids inside as they leaped from the parents cars! An easy rest day, lunch at the excellent Fuji restaurant in the Central Festival mall. Later, although it was a bit muddy underfoot, we went to the OTOP fair at Sapan Hin in Phuket Town.

Sapan Hin, Phuket Town, 22 May 2009

We'd bought a new table and chairs this week for outside the house and with the change in weather on Friday afternoon, we enjoyed eating dinner outside with a slight breeze blowing. The weather was so different between morning and afternoon. From wet and grey to sunny and blue :)

Saturday 23rd May - HOT. Very. We drove to Krabi in the morning and had planned to stay overnight but had to come back to Phuket. Well now we know that we can do Krabi in a day trip... just about. It's around 2½ hours drive. We did not get too much time to explore. Can I say again? HOT. Almost too hot. I think my dad was getting mild heat exhaustion. A couple of photos...

Noppharat Thara Beach, Krabi, 23 May

We drove back to Phuket in the afternoon. A very hot day for all that driving. Here's a view from Sarasin bridge, as you cross into Phuket...

View from Sarasin Bridge, Phuket, 23 May

Today has been just as hot as yesterday. Very hot. This summer weather in Phuket can be fantastic... but be sure to drink plenty of water! Today has been such a day. I have got a bit of red skin, everyone is tired, but then again we have kept ourselves busy! In the morning I took mum and dad up to the Big Buddha. I realised I had not blogged the Buddha for a long time and the building has come on a long way. It was already hot by 10am - hazy but sunny. The Buddha is looking very good, but it could still take another year (or 2) to complete the whole project.

Big Buddha, Phuket, 24 May 2009

And this afternoon we have all been to Paradise Beach. Lots of sun, could have stayed for hours. Oh, I do like having a beach almost to ourselves! Another great "low" season bonus!

Paradise Beach, Phuket 24 May

This hot weather is tiring! Today shows just how great the weather can be at this time of year. Yes, not all the time, but... don't worry about the weather. Come to Phuket!

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