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Sunshine after the rain

It's a quiet Saturday evening, hardly a breath of wind outside, it's been a sunny and relaxing day and I am drinking a nice cold Beer Chang. The FA Cup final on Thai TV channel behind me - Everton are sponsored by Chang. Quite how a Thai beer gets to sponsor an English Premier league team I dunno!

Yesterday started wet. On Thursday night there was quite a bit of wind and rain. My wife woke up, I did not. A friend said a tree blew over in his garden. The rain continued into Friday morning. Now, I have to say that as a resident, after some really hot days such as we had last weekend it's very nice to have a couple of grey rainy days, to cool things off. By the 3rd wet day we start wishing for sun again... and lo! The sun did come out on Friday afternoon, a lovely sunny afternoon leading to a hastily arranged BBQ at our house with some friends.

There is something about the summer weather - I like the variety, I like a rainy day to cool off after a hot day, and I like to feel the warmth of the sun again after a couple of rainy days.

Today has been all sunshine. We planned to do as little as possible. Need some rest. I'll be back to work on Monday. We did have lunch at a nearby noodle shop, then drove around town a bit as I needed to buy a pump for the kids bicycle tyres, then we thought - let's go look around Koh Sirey, not been over there for a while. It's a very quiet area. We even found a road that we had not followed before, rolling over a hill in the jungle...

Jungle road in Sirey Island, Phuket

The roads that wind around Sirey Island have some great views. There is some development going on, new houses, but we spotted some land that we would love to buy... if we were rich! The area is pretty but also rather neglected. We stopped at a little beach, but did not stay long. Quite a lot of rubbish. The Phuket Gazette reported just a couple of days ago that 20 million Baht has been earmarked for improvements in that area.

A sample view from our drive...

View from Koh Sirey

This time of year is also called the "Green Season". Can't imagine why... Found this plant today while driving around...

Leaf and Blue Sky

Here's hoping for a sunny Sunday too!

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