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The usual mixed bag

It's Sunday morning. Today we're hoping the weather will be good enough for a boat ride from Rawai beach to a couple of offshore islands. From the window I can see blue sky, light clouds, dark clouds, grey sky... so the afternoon weather is hard to predict. We will just play it by ear, head down to Rawai and see what mother nature delivers.

The last few days have all been similar here in Phuket. A mixed bag, but with no "bad" weather. No clear blue skies either, but as we enter the summer season, you expect plenty of days like this - not exactly sunny, but certainly with some sunshine, and it's the kind of weather that won't stop you enjoying life. Apologies for a 5 day gap between updates - I was working all last week - the weather blog and Phuket blog are not a full time job!

Thursday and Friday I was in the shop, weather was hot and humid - up to 34 or 35 degrees, hardly any wind - great for diving, as no wind means calm seas... These were not bright sunny days, but aside from a few spots, no rain either. I guess you call the sky "partly sunny".

I have added a new webcam link onto my Phuket Webcam page. For ages, the webcam at Marina resort, Karon Beach was the only good one - now there's one at Twin Palms (Surin Beach) which looks out at the sea, so shows the weather very clearly. Webcams are the best way to answer the question "What's the weather like in Phuket?"

Twin Palms Surin Beach Webcam

Saturday - I am on holiday! Will be having a break from now until about the 28th May. It was a lazy day yesterday, a break much needed by all - kids went back to school last week after 2 months off - all those early morning wake ups were a shock to the system! So yesterday was a true rest day. We headed out for lunch but found that our favourite little restaurant has now closed up for the low season - it's in a very quiet part of the island, so they just don't get enough business year round. Weather yesterday was more of the same - some dark clouds threatened but the sun broke out here and there, and it was very hot again - a bit of cooling westerly breeze would be very welcome!

Home, 16th May
(above) Home, 16th May - plenty of blue sky!

After lunch at an alternate restaurant, the big job for the afternoon was a haircut. I took my dad to our local barber as he wanted a trim too. Price is 80 Baht for a cut. Dad normally pays around 8 pounds (400 Baht) back home and he did remark that our local barber in Kathu is prettier than his local hairdresser - no offence Tony!


Sun is shining now, but I can still see some grey sky.. Hopefully the sun will win the battle and burn off the clouds.

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