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Wetter in Phuket

And a big Guten Tag to all German readers who may have found this page... the title uses the word 'Wetter', which is the German word for Weather. Of course in English it means "more wet" or indeed "less dry". A friend of mine did start a German Phuket Wetter blog a couple of years ago, but it did not last. Updating a blog like this every few days needs a bit of application, sometimes I forget, sometimes I have little to say. It would be great to update daily with a "photo of the day", but there's no time - I have a family and a real job to do. Full time Blogger sounds like a good job, but there's not much money in it! If you like this weather blog and find it useful, there is a little Donate button on the left of the page :)

So, anyway.. after the heatwave at the weekend in Phuket, and indeed in Krabi, things were still hot on Monday, but very hazy. I felt probably some rain was due. This is tropical weather - all that heat eventually has to break. So, on Tuesday morning, as we took my parents to Phuket Airport for their return to sunny England, some rain fell. My mother said the sky was crying, so sad for the farewell.

Wednesday was indeed wetter weather. Lots of rain. As a resident in Phuket, a wet day once in a while is actually nice. Much cooler, fresh air, no aircon needed. I'm on holiday this week, kids are at school. My wife and I did dull jobs such as taking the car for a service and paying all the bills.

Today (Thursday) has been a mixed box of chocolate - some rain, some sun, not too hot. We went to Phuket Immigration in the morning to apply for my yearly visa renewal. It's fairly simple so long as you know what paperwork to have. As my wife is Thai and we have kids, I can apply for a 1 year visa and do not have to leave Thailand. We know the immigration officers and the process is quick and easy.

No photos for the last few days. I tend not be out taking photos in the rain! The weather tonight is calm and warmer, might be another sunny day tomorrow. Still very little wind about, so the SW Monsoon winds have still not set in.

If I don't update here for a few days .. check the links on the left side of the page for up to the minute Phuket Weather information - you'll find webcams, weather radar, satellite photos and more. I will also sometimes post mini weather updates on Twitter (see updates on the left of this page also).

I'll try to remember to take a camera tomorrow.. except we are planning to rest and do as little as possible :) Maybe a massage at the Royal Spa.

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