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Change in the Weather - Get your Umbrella out!

Wow. A sudden change in the weather here in Phuket. We've not really had any rain for the whole month of June until Sunday night. Saturday was so hot and sunny (see photos posted on June 14th), no sign of any wet weather, then during the evening we got hit by little bands of rain, a few minutes of wind and raindrops bashing on the window, then 20 minutes of calm, then another band. Monday was not too bad, some rain here and there, some wind, a cooler, cloudier day which is sometimes welcome after so much hot weather.

Then came Monday night (last night). Some very heavy rain and strong winds. I checked the wind strength on the internet - there is a live weather station at Nai Yang Beach - when I checked last night, winds were over 20 knots, gusting up to 30 knots, which is "Near Gale Force" on the Beaufort Scale. That did not last long, and it soon died down to a "Strong breeze". Anyway, very windy.

Still windy and wet this morning. We had some diving customers booked, but one trip cancelled which will hopefully run tomorrow instead, forecast looks better on WindGuru. Ha! After all that good weather, all the rain and wind comes in one day! This afternoon is dry, but still cloudy and windy. I did not venture out and take photos, but driving to work this morning at 9am the sky was so dark it was like almost night time! My "best guess" forecast is wind and rain tomorrow (but less than today), then things will all calm down again. The wet 'n' windy spells normally only last 3 days.

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