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Hot Summer Days - Beware of the Waves

Hot days. No rain. Well, maybe there was some rain in the night one day last week, but otherwise, the sun doth shine. Of course, this is "low" season so there's hardly anyone around to enjoy it.

Kata Beach, 7th June
(above) Nobody at Kata Beach this morning

How many times do I have to say it? The summertime is great in Phuket. Well, most of the time. You DO have a risk of some bad weather, but balance that against the cheaper airfares, hotel deals etc.. and I say GO FOR IT! You'll have the beach all to yourself.

Runner on Kata Beach 7th June

OK, so it's sunny, it's hot, it's perfect weather in Phuket, right? Well, not exactly. Sunny days are great for exploring the island, great for relaxing by the pool, great for a day out in Phang Nga Bay, great for all kinds of activities. BUT, at this time of year, the south west monsoon winds start to blow. The main beaches in Phuket all face west, and so you can get waves that make swimming difficult, even dangerous. Red flags are up, and you MUST pay attention. Otherwise - well, here's 2 stories from the last week...

• June 5th - 2 people drown off Karon Beach

• June 2nd - Aussie family saved off Karon Beach

Karon can be particularly rough, with rip currents common. Kata is not so bad, but this morning the waves were almost all the way up the beach. Not huge waves, but I reckon there would be some rips there too. Please, if you are going swimming, consider the conditions before entering the water. If it looks too rough, use the hotel pool!

Kata Beach, 7th June

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If this weather can last a couple more days, I am definitely getting out for some scuba diving this week. Huge piles of paperwork almost dealt with, I need to get underwater. Besides, people have seen whalesharks a couple of times last week at the local dive sites. Please stay sunny a few more days!

A bit of wind and a few waves CAN be a very good thing if you are into kitesurfing or surfing. Both are quite popular in Phuket. There's a surf competition coming up at Kalim Bay (just north of Patong) next week:

Monsoon Riders Surf Contest June 12 - 14

More information on surfing in Phuket : Phuket Boardriders Club

For kitesurfing look here : Kite Surfing in Phuket

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