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Those heavy rains on Tuesday are a dim memory. The last 2 days have been full-on heat once more. Can't we maybe get something in between. A nice "partly sunny" day, not too hot... please? I am not one to moan about the heat.. I surely do prefer roasting to freezing, and I did choose to live here. Back in 1999, living in Honduras without 24 electricity at my house, the heat sometimes got too much. I'd be waking up at 3am for a cold shower, open the window and hope for a puff of breeze. But back in England later that year before coming to Thailand I found it too cold for my liking. And those long winter nights are something I don't miss either.

Managed a quick walk on Karon Beach yesterday lunchtime. A quick walk because it was too hot for a long walk! A good day to be a tourist for sure, get a tan, dip in the pool, a cold beer, a nice Thai lunch. I have a day off tomorrow and that will be just about the plan!

Karon Beach, 9th July

And now.. the photoshoppped version...

Karon Beach 9th July, destuarated version

Today is the first day since Tuesday that I have been feeling 100% (well maybe 80%) well. Had a headache and sinus pains and lack of appetite for a few days. Hell, not even had a single beer for 4 days. That can't be right! Picked up my work permit today and paid the 3,000 Baht renewal fee (1 year). The Labour Dept. is near Sapan Hin, and I had time for a walk around the shoreline before the 8:30am opening time of the work permit office. There are lots of mangroves in the area and it seems mangrove saplings have recently been planted. It was a beautiful morning. Not too hot at 8:30am, and there are always people out walking at Sapan Hin.

Mangrove saplings. View from Sapan Hin, Phuket, 10th July

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