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A bit wetter in Phuket

We've now had a few grey days again. A typical low season pattern is developing - a few nice days, a few "less nice" days and back to nice. I hope it will be back to nice tomorrow afternoon as we'll be having a party for my daughters 8th birthday. 8 years. Wow. 8 years since she was born, not in Phuket but in Chumphon, my wife's home town. 8 years ago today I know exactly where I was. At the time I worked as a freelance dive instructor, and freelancers tend to say yes to anything! I'd been offered a decent payment to teach a night dive specialty course to 2 people. We had already been on the 22nd, on a longtail boat from Patong. It was a bit bouncy as I recall and one of the students was seasick. I had intended to do 2 dives on the first night, but we only managed 1. So on the 23rd July 2001 we headed out again in the longtail. It was less rough, we did the 2 dives needed to complete the course, I think the 2 students enjoyed it, but taking the work did mean I would miss the actual birth of my daughter. I took the bus to Chumphon next morning and arrived a couple of hours after she was born. Happiest moment of my life.

Just thought I'd share that with you. Take your mind off the grey and wet weather.

Not seen much sun since Saturday. Yesterday there was meant to be a partial eclipse of the sun visible from Phuket. In fact the sun was totally eclipsed. By clouds. In some parts of Asia there was a total eclipse - see BBC Report.

Despite the grey weather, the dive shop has been busy. 3 different dive courses at the same time this week. Another customer came to book a day trip. His non diving wife was with him and started talking about a website she'd been reading about Phuket, written by a foreign guy who's been here for a long time, has got 2 kids and who recommends that people check out Sunrise Divers here in Phuket for their dive trips. Er, I think you mean my website? She was quite a fan. Thank you for that, made my day!

I thought about taking a photo of a grey sky over the beach this morning, but did not want to get my camera wet. It's dry this afternoon with a hint of sun appearing. For the latest Phuket weather conditions look at the links on the left side - radar, webcam, weather station.

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